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NUK:Department of Applied Mathematics
2019/10/16 羅元勳教授專題演講

演講者:羅元勳 教授


日 期:2019年10月16日(星期三)14:30

地 點:國立高雄大學理學院408

講 題:Random and Deterministic Schemes for a Collision Channel without Feedback

摘   要:

There are two main medium access control (MAC) approaches to a slot-synchronous collision channel without feedback: random (slotted ALOHA) and deterministic (protocol sequence-based) schemes. Unlike the traditional slotted ALOHA, protocol sequence-based scheme is a deterministic way to guarantee a positive individual throughput within an expectable period of time, even the time synchronous is hard to be achieved. In the rst part of this talk, I will survey some results on protocol sequence-based schemes, including user-irrepressible (UI) sequences and con ict-avoiding codes (CACs). Then, for a fair comparison, deadline-constrained slotted ALOHA schemes will be introduced to maximize the probability that a packet can be successfully received within an pre-assigned deadline. Some recent progress including the uniqueness of the optimal transmission probability that maximizes the successful delivery probability under multiple-packet reception (MPR) technology is addressed as well.

演講者 : 羅元勳教授
講題 : Random and Deterministic Schemes for a Collision
Channel without Feedback
演講日期 : 2019-10-16
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