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NUK:Department of Applied Mathematics
2019/11/6 李渭天教授專題演講

演講者:李渭天 教授


日 期:2019年11月6日(星期三)14:30

地 點:國立高雄大學理學院408

講 題:Shifted-antimagic Labelings for Graphs

摘   要:

         The concept of antimagic labelings of a graph is to produce distinct vertex sums by labeling edges through consecutive numbers starting from one. A long-standing conjecture is that every connected graph, except a single edge, is antimagic. Some graphs are known to be antimagic, but little has been known about sparse graphs, not even trees.

In this talk, we will study a weak version called k-shifted-antimagic labelings which allow the consecutive numbers starting from k + 1, instead of starting from 1, where k can be any integer. We establish connections among various concepts proposed in the literature of antimagic labelings and extends previous results in three aspects:

  • Some classes of graphs, including trees and graphs whose vertices are of odd degrees, which have not been veri_ed to be antimagic are shown to be k-shifted-antimagic for su_ciently large k.
  • Some graphs are proved k-shifted-antimagic for all k, while some are proved not for some particular k.
  • Disconnected graphs are also considered.

Joint work with Fei-Huang Chang, Hong-Bin Chen, and Zhishi Pan.

演講者 : 李渭天教授
講題 : Shifted-antimagic Labelings for Graphs
演講日期 : 2019-11-06
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